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    Five Ways Music Delivers Magic

    Five Ways Music Delivers Magic

    Sasha Judelson, Director, Great Lakes Music Together

    The effects of music on children are magical. Music can be both energizing and calming and it can enhance bonding as well as helping with transition.

    1. Fun

    Our classes are playful, rich and engaging, from Piaget to Montessori there’s a host of early childhood research that supports children learning through play. There’s no pressure in our classes to perform, quite the reverse, so if your child is a mover or a sitter or anything in between they will fit right in! We know that kids learn in a variety of ways and plan the classes to meet each learning style, playfully.

    2. Engaging

    We have all made numerous lists of what we need to do as parents to engage our kids! Kids love to make music and that’s because it’s a natural activity for them, in fact we’re all born with a musical intelligence strand – that’s what we’re tapping into in each class. Our classes support the development of that musical intelligence through singing, instruments, drumming, movement, imaginative play and much more.

    3. Developmentally Appropriate

    Your baby is a natural-born music-maker, alert and responsive to musical sounds, growing into a toddler learning by playing, experimenting and watching others. Child development researchers have known for a long time that the natural family-style environment of mixed-age classes is the best way for young children to learn. In our experience, it works! Our classes provide the opportunity for kids to participate in their own way and in a way that feels right to them, some move constantly and others watch and absorb from their own spot in the room. The relaxed and no-pressure environment in our classes lets all kids learn at their own pace.

    4. Imaginative

    Kids love to watch, learn and imitate. They like to be leaders and they like to be followers. In class we explore songs and music that provides a springboard of discovery for your child to continue that exploration outside of class. When kids of multiple ages play together their focus shift from completing for limited resources (like toys and attention) to having fun together. Children have more chances for deep imaginative play, for exploring new ideas and working together in novel ways.

    5. Supportive of all Learning

    In our research-based Music Together® classes the benefits of learning music for children include learning how to sing in tune and how to keep the beat. Another important benefit is that it can allow your child’s creativity, self-expression and confidence to grow. When your child starts Music Together® as a baby you are supporting their brain development, as they grow we’re continuing to support their language and emerging literacy development, their social, emotional and cognitive development and we’re showing them a variety of approaches to learning. All that moving around supports their physical and motor development too. Skills they will use as they grow into school and life.


    Come and join us in our research-based classes, help your child discover their inner-musician and more and have fun yourself too!

    Find out more at www.greatlakesmusictogether.com and contact us directly at info@greatlakesmusictogether.com