Release the full potential of your coffee in only 2 minutes.

The BLOOM Pour Over brewer features an innovative micro-filter brewing system with a durable, stainless-steel construction. The patented micro-filter design is thoughtfully crafted with a spiral pattern and over 1500 precision cut holes. The deep brew bed and micro-filter work together to evenly distribute water for optimal, straight flow-through and even coffee extraction. 

  • Stainless Steel Brewer
  • Silicone Thermal Sleeve
  • Includes 10 Chlorine-Free Compostable Paper Filters (Grab more here)
  • Do not Place on Stove or Campfire, or in Microwave


How to Brew Like a Barista - in 2 Minutes!

  1. Place Espro Bloom Pour-over on Cup or Carafe. Insert and Pre-Wet Espro Paper Filter (Optional)
  2. Add 16.5g (2-3 TBSP) of Finely Ground Coffee. Use Coursely Ground Coffee Without Paper Filter
  3. Pour in 50ml (1.7oz) of hot water (195-205°F / 91-96°C) then Wait 30s for Coffee to BLOOM
  4. Pour Remaining 260ml (8.8oz) of Hot Water Evenly in Circles
  5. Hold the Unit by the Thermal Sleeve when Removing. Place Bloom on a Plate and Enjoy YOUR Best Cup of Coffee!