Hopefully you can find the answers to your questions on this page. If not, please contact us.

No we do not offer childcare. Although our staff will engage with your children, it is your responsibility to be supervising their safety at all times.

In our play area children and adults will be required to wear socks (and not shoes). This helps keep our play area clean for your little ones! There is a cubby area where you can store your coats and shoes when you enter the play area. If you forget your socks, we do have some available for purchase.

No, we do not allow outside food or drinks into our cafe. We have a wide range of menu options available including vegetarian and gluten free. We have a children’s menu to accommodate our smaller guests. We are careful not to carry any peanut products but cannot guarantee that our suppliers do not prepare our ingredients in shared facilities. We do order specific gluten free items that are prepared in a gluten free kitchen.

Of course! There are plenty of parking space available in the lot in front of Play-A-Latte Cafe.

Please change your child’s diaper in the provided facilities. If you need extra supplies, please ask. Please make sure that everyone washes their hands before re-entering the play area.

Although we always love to see you, please don’t bring sick children to Play-A-Latte. Let’s keep our little visitors safe and healthy. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any child that is visibly ill. If your child is too sick for school or daycare, they’re too sick to come play.

Kids will be kids, but please intervene if your child is not playing nicely with another child (both physically and verbally). If you are concerned about a child’s safety, please advise one of our staff. Children who are hurting others or damaging property may be asked to leave. Children should be supervised at all times by their parent/guardian.

Please keep food and drinks to the tables and chairs and not in play areas. This will keep the play area clean and safe.

Please help us keep the areas clean and safe by cleaning up after you and your children. If you notice something that needs to be addressed, please notify staff immediately.

Yes, you can. Our cafe has a separate area with seating for those who want to grab a beverage or some food and relax. For safety reasons, only guests with children are allowed within the play area.

Yes, let us know if you need a hand to get connected.

Yes. We aim to run two groups per day that are included with admission. These are outlined in our activity calendar. We do have other classes that run at an additional cost but these will be clearly marked.

Yes. We highly encourage parent involvement. If your child is participating in a group, you are required to be in the room with them. Level of involvement will vary depending on the age and needs of the child as well as the activity for that day.

Yes! Please connect with our staff or contact us by email info@playalattecafe.com if we can be of assistance.

Of course! We are a breastfeeding friendly facility.

If you can, please avoid bringing your stroller to Play-A-Latte. This helps us keep the play spaces clear and free of obstacles for our active little ones. We may ask you to collapse your stroller for storage.

We ask that all guests wash their hands before entering the play area. We have hand sanitizer available at the entrance and also have a washroom located within the play area if soap and water is preferable. Please ensure that all guests wash their hands thoroughly after using the washroom.

We understand kids get sick, illnesses arise, emergencies come up and the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Unfortunately our events are non-refundable, and non-transferable.

We will do our best to offer alternative options if you can’t make it to an event but we cannot guarantee a perfect solution.

We ask all vendors to submit an application to be a part of our PAL Pop-up Shop to ensure we get a good mix of vendors and avoid overlap in offerings. You can download the application here and submit it to info@playalattecafe.com.