Schools, charities and not-for-profits can have a major impact on improving our community and Play-A-Latte Cafe can help ensure your organization is funded. 

Play-A-Latte Cafe offers our assorted 6-packs at a reduced price to qualified organizations, which can be sold at our retail price (or slightly higher). Pre-sell donuts for a specific day and we'll have them boxed and ready for you to pick up at Play-A-Latte or purchase a specific number of boxes ahead of time and sell them at events or to family, friends and neighbours to support your cause.

Cost for qualified organizations: $9 per 6-pack
Suggested Selling Price:
Minimum Quantity:
20 boxes
Available Dates: Monday to Saturday

Assorted donuts 6-packs consist of Boston Cream, Maple Cream, Chocolate Dip, Rainbow Sprinkle, Dutchie and Lemon Filled  

In order to qualify for Fundraising pricing organizations must fall under one of three categories.

  1. Educational – School or an academic related organization such as band, club, and student or parent group associated with a Waterloo Region school or educational institution.
  2. Charitable – Funds are being used to support a registered charitable organization or cause
  3. Community – Funds are being used to support community-based activities devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes and not for individual or commercial gain

If you are interested in scheduling a Donut Fundraiser email us at with your organization name, contact details, email and phone number and a few dates you would like to schedule the fundraiser for.