Mask Requirements after March 21, 2022

On March 21, mask mandates are dropping for Ontario and businesses are now responsible for making their own decisions regarding wearing masks on their premises.

We asked adults to keep masking until April 2 while visiting Play-A-Latte Cafe for open play dates, classes, and situations where multiple families who may not know each other will be interacting for extended periods of times. Children visiting us will no longer require masking.

As of April 2, masks are only required for Monday Open play spots and for classes that are indicated as mask required. 

Classes that are in progress with masks, will continue to require masks until they are complete. Future classes will specify whether masks will be required for adults to ensure everyone has an option that is comfortable for them.

Adults coming in for shopping, picking up orders to go, private playdates or birthdays will no longer be required to have their masks on. As usual, anyone showing symptoms associated with Covid-19 will be asked to visit at another date when they are feeling better.

Our staff will continue to wear masks and we will re-evaluate our plans as needed to minimize the risks for our youngest pals as the province reopens. We appreciate everyone rolling with the changes. 

-Ronak & Heather