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    March 16, 2020Effective immediately we will temporarily be closing Play-A-Latte Cafe.

    The impact of Covid-19 is very real and it is a threat we take seriously.

    Based on the current information, the data we are seeing from other countries and the recommendations from medical officers, our closure is a prudent step towards combating the transmission of this virus.

    Our healthcare system can manage only a finite number of patients while still remaining functional for the population. We need to reduce the demand on our healthcare system through social distancing to allow our medical professionals to effectively support patients in medical distress. 

    Play-A-Latte is a place for families, friends, neighbours and coffee lovers to come together. For that very reason, we cannot continue to operate while social distancing is necessary for our community. All planned activities, classes, parties at Play-A-Latte should be considered as rescheduled for a future date when it is safe to reopen.

    We understand the negative impact this may have on your plans and we do apologize for the inconvenience it is causing. We will do our best to make it up to you when life begins to get back to normal.

    Thank you again to everyone for their continued support.

    Stay safe and stay healthy. We will be back soon.
    Ronak and Heather